4 Tips to Control Mosquitos in Your Outdoor Space

Springtime is rapidly approaching, so the weather will be getting warmer before we know it. That means we’ll see insects around more frequently again, too. If mosquitos are a problem in your outdoor space, they’ll be back soon as well.

You don’t have to let them take over this year, though! At Simply Green Lawn Care in Lilburn, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through proper mosquito control. Read on for our best tips!

Bird bath in the garden

Clear Away Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is one of the preferred breeding grounds for mosquitos. To prevent them from mating and multiplying, we suggest you clear any sitting water from your yard. Check drainage areas, potted plants, or anywhere else water collects. If you have a bird bath, change the water weekly.

Maintain Your Landscape

Tall grasses make ideal hiding places for mosquitos. Maintain your lawn to reduce the amount that is hanging around and breeding. Be sure to follow the recommended length guidelines for your particular species of grass.

Mowed lawn
Using bug stray

Use Natural or Chemical Repellents

The use of repellents can help reduce the number of insects in your yard. Mosquito repellent sprays and candles are made with chemicals that will keep them away. If you’d prefer something more natural, you can plant marigolds, basil, catnip, or mint. Those plants, among others, are effective at outdoor mosquito control.

Hire a Professional Service

If you’ve tried everything (or even if you haven’t), consider reaching out to the professionals on the well-trained team at Simply Green. Thanks to our years of experience and the finest products and procedures, we know how to get rid of mosquitos from your yard. Our expert mosquito control service does the job in three easy steps.

Professional landscaper

Mosquitos are a nuisance, but you don’t have to live with them. You can control mosquitos in your outdoor space by using repellents, clearing stagnant water, maintaining your lawn, or hiring professionals. At Simply Green Lawn Care in Metro Atlanta, we offer expert mosquito control that will help you reclaim your yard all season long. Stop the buzz, and get mosquito control services today!