Hydretain Lawn Services In Atlanta, GA

Where nature leaves off… Hydretain takes over.

Save water. Save your lawn. Save money on your water bills. Simply Green’s water management program, using Hydretain, reduces your outdoor watering up to 50% and improves the health of your lawn and landscape.

Outdoor water restrictions? No worries.

  • Reduce landscape watering requirements up to 50%
  • Minimize drought stress on your lawn
  • Improve lawn appearance by controlling or eliminating dry spots
  • Increase transplant survival
  • Improve new sod growth and seed germination

A totally unique concept in soil moisture management.

Hydretain is a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf.

  • Patented blend of liquid humectants and hygroscopic compounds
  • Absorbs and stores moisture on plant roots and soil particle surfaces
  • Acts like tiny water magnets, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture

This simple mechanism results in vigorous drought-resistant turf, trees, shrubs, and ornamental flowers.


  • increases watering efficiency by managing root zone moisture throughout the day. In independent tests, Hydretain reduced watering up to 50% for ornamental plants and turf grasses.
  • reduces fungus, algae and disease by reducing over-watering and lowering moisture levels in the thatch layer.
  • is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
This product is backed not only by university research, but by my personal experience as well. For the last three years, I have used Hydretain on my home lawn here in Atlanta and as a result have greatly reduced my water bills and improved my lawn’s appearance.
Don Smith Owner, Simply Green Lawn Care

Contact us at 770-923-0387 for additional details, pricing and schedule your water management treatment.  Or visit this website for more information about Hydretain: http://www.savingtheworldswater.com/

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    Hello, I didn't catch my service techs name today, but wanted to let you know what a great job he did today, please pass this along. His service was wonderful and he was very polite, I truly appreciate it. Keep up the good work! And thank you!

    V. Alber

    I have been with these guys for one whole season. 99.9% of weeds are gone. The grass has never been so green. They have lived up to their name.

    Y Cho

    My lawn looks awesome and I have had neighbors walking their dogs tell me the same! Thanks Simply Green!

    P. Cox

    Simply Green always does an excellent job and are very customer oriented. The technicians are more knowledgeable than those of other companies I have tried.

    J. Barnett

    I have been with these guys for one whole season. 99.9% of weeds are gone. The grass has never been so green. They have lived up to their name.

    Y. Cho

    Please let your staff that serviced my lawn aeration and fertilization yesterday that they did an EXCELLENT JOB! My lawn is doing better than it ever has. And because of them and the rest of the techs that come out to my house, that I'll remain a loyal customer of Simply Green. Great job!

    J. Williams

    I just had another comment this morning on how good our fescue lawn looks, which happens several times a week. I walked out in our back yard this AM and couldn't believe it was the same yard as what I dealt with last year. We have a good lawn maintenance crew that takes care of mowing and edging, and we have a good company that takes care of weeding, feeding, and shrubbery & trees. I enjoy telling friends and neighbors about your service. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    M. King

    Happened to be home and Ben treating the yard. He took meticulous care in the treatment. Please convey my thanks to him.

    M. Vincent

    Servicing yards throughout Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities!