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Where nature leaves off… Hydretain takes over.

Lawn Care Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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Save water. Save your lawn. Save money on your water bills. Simply Green’s water management program, using Hydretain, reduces your outdoor watering up to 50% and improves the health of your lawn and landscape.

Outdoor water restrictions? No worries.

  • Reduce landscape watering requirements up to 50%
  • Our moisture manager for lawns minimizes drought stress
  • Improve lawn appearance by controlling or eliminating dry spots
  • Increase transplant survival
  • Improve new sod growth and seed germination

How does hydretain work for soil moisture management?

Hydretain is a revolutionary new chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf.

  • Patented blend of liquid humectants and hygroscopic compounds
  • Absorbs and stores moisture on plant roots and soil particle surfaces
  • These water savers act like tiny water magnets, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture

This simple mechanism results in vigorous drought-resistant turf, trees, shrubs, and ornamental flowers.


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  • increases watering efficiency by managing root zone moisture throughout the day. In independent tests, Hydretain reduced watering up to 50% for ornamental plants and turf grasses.
  • reduces fungus, algae and disease by reducing over-watering and lowering moisture levels in the thatch layer.
  • is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
This product is backed not only by university research, but by my personal experience as well. For the last three years, I have used Hydretain on my home lawn here in Atlanta and as a result have greatly reduced my water bills and improved my lawn’s appearance.
Don Smith Owner, Simply Green Lawn Care

Contact us at 770-923-0387 for additional details, pricing and schedule your water management treatment.  Or visit this website for more information about Hydretain: https://www.hydretain.com/

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