Flea and Tick Control Services in Atlanta, GA
By Simply Green Lawn Care

Eliminate Fleas and Ticks for Good!

Is your yard a safe, insect-free place to play for your family, including your pets? Fleas and ticks are two of the most common infestations for Georgia homeowners.


Whether you currently have a problem with these pests, or want peace of mind your yard is clear of the dangers these bugs can cause, there is help available. Simply Green Lawn Care Plus Flea and Tick Control service will help keep you, your family, and your pets safe from these disease-carrying insects.


This three-application program guarantees control of fleas and ticks on your property where families entertain, and pets spend a lot of their time.


**Note: If your pet enjoys camping trips, hiking trails, and dog parks; Simply Green recommends you seek regular prevention from your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s safety from outside influences. Our treatments only target your yard and will not offer protection if you or your pet are exposed to fleas or ticks at another location. 

Why is Flea and Tick Control Important?

Fleas can pose a health threat to humans and animals. Their bites are painful, but they also can pass along serious risks of diseases such as Lyme disease and typhus.

Eradicating their presence is very important, and Simply Green makes it easy to do.


Tickborne Disease Descriptions

  • Typhus is a disease ticks carry that is characterized by headaches, a purple rash and delirium
  • Lyme disease leads to symptoms including fever, headache, fatigue, and a skin rash that if left untreated can spread to the joints, heart, and nervous system.

How to Prevent Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard

Fleas and ticks thrive in warm, moist climates, and even adult fleas and larvae can survive in below-freezing temperatures for up to six months.


The areas of your lawn most in danger are shady spots and under bushes and brush. You can help improve a flea and tick friendly environment by:

  • Minimizing leaf litter. Be sure to rake up fallen leaves this season.
  • Mow your lawn weekly during the growing season. Remove clippings to promote drier soil.
  • Keep play equipment, patios, and decks away from bushes and low lying plants where ticks like to live for easy access to prey.

Avoiding Fleas and Ticks

Use caution when going to any area where fleas and ticks live. When you’re camping, hiking or doing yardwork, follow these simple steps to protect yourself.

  • Wear long sleeves and/or pants when walking through the woods.
  • Be extra diligent about checking your body and clothing for ticks.
  • Take a shower and wash your clothing to help wash off unattached ticks.

Simply Green Lawn Care Plus Plan and Promise

To completely eradicate fleas and ticks from your property, Simply Green Lawn Care Plus experts recommend an annual, three-application service.   

  • First application: April (lasts through May) 
  • Second application: June (lasts through July) 
  • Third Application: August (lasts through September) 


Simply Green aims to provide the highest quality and most effective lawn care and pest control to Georgia residents. 


We are locally owned and invested in keeping the lawns in our community healthy and pest-free. Our professional team of technicians is ready to respond to all of your lawncare needs.

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