Plant Growth Regulator Services In Atlanta, GA
A dense lawn with healthy roots is a lawn that is more resistant to weeds and disease.

If you've ever wondered, "How can I make my grass grow thicker and faster?" or "How to get grass to grow in bare spots?" you are not alone.


Simply Green Lawn Care developed a Bermuda grass growth regulator that comes in a 4-treatment program that suppresses vertical growth and stimulates lateral growth resulting in a thicker, greener lawn while saving you time and money.

So, what are Plant Growth Regulators For Grass?

Plant Growth Regulators, also known as PGRs, are designed to mimic a plant hormone that will influence the pattern of plant growth and development.


Plant Growth Regulators work by slowing your lawns vertical growth while still allowing photosynthesis to continue.


This lawn growth regulator stimulates root growth. By increasing the root growth, your lawn will require less water and maintain a darker green color.

Benefits of Growth Regulators

There are several benefits to applying to Plant Growth Regulators to your lawn during the growing season. They include:


  • Reduce mowing frequency and grass clippings
  • Achieve a thicker, more dense lawn
  • Helps maintain a deep, green color
  • Improves grass health and stress relief
  • Less watering
  • Suppresses weed growth

Treatment Schedule

Grass Growth Regulators should be applied during the growing season once your lawn is out of winter dormancy. PGRs should not be applied to lawns that are dormant, diseased, or under environmental stress.
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