Liquid Aeration Services in Atlanta, GA
By Simply Green Lawn Care

About Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration is extremely beneficial for every lawn. This method of aeration has proven more effective than traditional Core Aeration because it penetrates more deeply into the soil than a common aerator can. Many homeowners prefer liquid aeration because it does its job without making a mess on their lawn. 


Liquid Aeration increases pore space, reduces thatch, and promotes turfgrass health without the need to bore holes in the lawn. Our custom blend of humates, kelp, soil conditioners, and micronutrients will be hard at work in the soil long after cores left from traditional aeration have broken down.


Aeration lets air, water, and nutrients into the soil promoting strong roots and thicker, healthier turfgrass. The healthier the lawn, the greater the chances of deterring pests and diseases.

What are the benefits of Liquid Aeration?

  • No preparation or cleanup is necessary.
  • Risk of damaging shallow cables, irrigation lines, or invisible dog fences is eliminated.
  • Liquid Aeration can reach surface areas a traditional core aerator cannot.
  • Nutrients are absorbed more effectively into the soil, which boosts microbial activity, holds water and increases drought resistance.
  • Soil carbon is naturally increased, which improves soil structure.
  • Liquid Aeration reduces thatch layer which is a primary cause of preventing water infiltration and promoting lawn-damaging insects and disease pathogens.
  • Breaks up compaction which allows for greater root growth and development in Georgia’s clay soils.
Liquid Aeration

How is Liquid Aeration applied?

Liquid Aeration is an organic mix of water and nutrients that is applied to the lawn through a sprayer. Because it is sprayed on, it can reach every square inch of the lawn as compared to core aerators, which only go so far against a fence, curb or landscaping structures.

When is it best to apply Liquid Aeration?

The best time of year to aerate your lawn is when grass is actively growing. In heavy clay soil like we have here in Georgia, it’s best to aerate every year, even twice a year, especially in high-traffic areas of the lawn, to keep soil loose and able to absorb water and nutrients.

The benefits of liquid aeration cannot be overlooked. In some ways, this method produces better results than traditional core aeration, but this does not mean that manual core aeration does not have its place in a successful lawn care program. In some instances, it can be beneficial to use both methods on your lawn. If you are not sure which method is best for your lawn, give us a call and we can help you decide the best option for your lawn.

At Simply Green Lawn Care, we professionally liquid aerate your lawn in metro Atlanta using the most advanced equipment and best-qualified personnel. Click here to request a FREE estimate.

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