Trusted Contractors and Service Providers
By Simply Green Lawn Care

At Simply Green, we take pride in linking home and business owners to skilled, high-quality professionals and service providers they can trust. We refer companies with extensive experience in residential and commercial services and proven track records of excellent customer service.

If you’re not sure who to call for your home projects, improvements, or related services, see our list of trusted contractors in the Atlanta-metro area and let them know Simply Green sent you.

Lawn Maintenance

Gwinnett Lawn Care

About: Established in 2003. Metro Atlanta’s premier landscaping service for your residential or commercial needs.

Specialties: Lawn & Property Maintenance, Landscape & Sod Installation, Grading & Clearing

Contact: 404-213-8720 or

Specialty Contracting Services, Inc.

About: Speciality Contracting Services, Inc. has been providing landscape design, installation and maintenance services for over 22 years.

Specialties: Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Maintenance, Irrigation, Grading and Drainage, Hardscapes, Water Features, Decks, and Fencing

Contact: 770-925-0381 or

Pest Control

Urban Wildlife Control

About: A Georgia-based company providing wildlife removal services for greater Atlanta since 2003.

Specialities: Nuisance Animal & Wildlife Removal - Including Mole Removal

Contact: 678-493-7194


Repairs R Us

About: Repairs R Us offers sprinkler repair, irrigation services, and irrigation installation, plus more.

Specialities: Irrigation Repairs, Irrigation Installation (November-February), Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Contact: 770-972-5090 or

Sod Installation

Southern Sod Sales, Inc.

About: Southern Sod Sales and Installation is a turn-key sod installation company located in Atlanta Georgia. Celebrating serving customers in the North Georgia since 1988 and can prep, deliver and install any size property.

Specialities: Sod Installation – 3 pallet minimum

Contact: 770-925-4850 or

Plant Nursery

Randy’s Perennials & Water Gardens

About: Randy’s offers a premium plant selection including thousands of perennials, numerous annuals and the largest selection of aquatic plants in Georgia.

Specialities: Perennials, annuals, aquatic plants, woodland natives, hardy palms & cacti, unique shrubs and hardy bamboo. Also recognized as the ultimate source for water garden supplies and information.

Contact: 770-822-0676

Pressure Washing

Value Pressure Washing Inc.

About: For 27 years, Value Pressure Washing Inc. has provided excellent customer service resulting in his clients to continuously hire him again and again.

Specialities: Pressure washing services for both residential and commercial properties. Including but not limited to: homes, driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios, siding - wood and vinyl, office buildings, and more.

Contact: 770-864-5883 or

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