4 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Nourished

Keeping a well-maintained lawn is important for any Atlanta homeowner. It keeps your home looking nice and gives it good curb appeal. But sometimes keeping your lawn in its best possible shape can be a hassle. Sometimes you need a lawn care company in Atlanta to help you maintain your lawn. Simply Green Lawncare is offering quality lawn care to the people of Atlanta. Though no one can get your lawn as green and healthy as a lawn care company, there are a few things you can do to keep your lawn looking nourished. In today’s post, we will go over just a couple of ways to keep your lawn looking great. Read on to learn more and contact us today for lawn care in Atlanta!






The soil beneath your lawn can end up compacted after constant foot traffic. This can make it a difficult environment for your lawn’s roots. Try strapping on a pair of aerator sandals and walking over your lawn. This will create passages for air and water and allow your grass to thrive.





Limit Thatch

Dead grass and roots that accumulate on the top of your lawn is called thatch. If too much accumulates, it can affect your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. Make sure you are clearing this off when you notice it.






A good fertilizer can revitalize the soil beneath your lawn and give it new life. It’s a good idea to fertilize in the autumn. This will give your lawn time to absorb the fertilizer before it goes dormant in winter.





Mow high

It is important that you are keeping your lawn about 2 inches high or higher. Grassroots tend to only grow about as deep as the blade is tall so making your lawn too short will leave it without much access to necessary nutrients in the soil. If you really want it to be drought resistant, keep it above 3 inches.



When you need a lawn care company in Atlanta, there’s no one better to depend on than Simply Green Lawncare. We offer the people of Atlanta the help they need in maintaining their lawns. Contact us today!

4 Ways To Keep Your Lawn Nourished

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