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If you’ve ever seen a spy film, you know that having the proper intel before starting a mission is the key to success. (Wearing a truly excellent tuxedo and having a martini in hand doesn’t hurt, either.) But tuxedos aside, people say “Knowledge is power” for a reason! Having the facts lets you know how to respond to a problem efficiently and effectively. That’s why we offer soil testing as one of our Atlanta lawn care services.

Soil Testing Benefits

What is soil testing?

Soil testing is a service in which we take samples of the soil in your yard and test for nutrient and pH levels. If soil pH is outside of the normal range, it can cause a dearth of vital nutrients like iron and phosphorus that your plants need to stay healthy. Different plants have different optimal pH and nutrient levels, so knowing a baseline for your soil can help you determine the best way to amend the soil for bigger, brighter blooms and happier plants. For instance, veggies, flowers, and grasses typically do best in soil that measures slightly acidic with a pH of 6.0-6.5. Some plants, like azaleas, need more acidic soil to reach their potential. Others, like hydrangeas, can change color based on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. The more acidic the soil, the bluer the blooms. If the soil is more alkaline, the flowers will turn purple or even pink!

We provide a detailed analysis of your soil, which allows us to further customize your program with the optimal services for your specific yard. Fall is a great time to conduct a soil test for your lawn. Nutrients or treatments administered this fall and winter, based on recommendations from your soil test, will allow the soil’s pH and nutrient levels to have time to adjust before your lawn and plants come out of dormancy in the spring.

How can I get my soil tested in Atlanta?

If you’re interested in getting a soil test, give us a call at 770-923-0387 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you! Our soil testing service is $45. Don’t wait too long—take advantage of this perfect time of year for soil testing and learn what your lawn needs now to thrive come springtime.

We can take and test as many samples as you want, so you can get a picture of what your lawn, trees, shrubs, and landscape plants need.

If you have ever wondered why a particular planting is not thriving in your yard, soil testing can help identify the issue and point to the proper treatments to fix it. (Soil testing should not be done if the soil is wet or if it has been fertilized recently, as these factors can throw off the accuracy of the test.)

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