Time for Lawns to Green-up!


Winter is long over, so why are so many Georgia lawns still dormant and brown instead of lush and green? Spring has sprung, and Southeast U.S. grasses should be springing to new life, too. 

Why is it taking so long for your lawn to green-up?

Two major factors are contributing to this slow transition—above-average rainfall and unseasonably cool temperatures. So far this spring, Georgia has received about two inches more rainfall than normal in March and April. Because of this, air temperatures are colder, and the soil is much wetter than usual for spring. 

While some warm-season grasses have started to green-up, because of these wet and cold conditions, many lawns, including zoysiagrass and bermudagrass, still have a way to go. Areas that are shaded, low, north-facing, and saturated, will take much longer to warm than other areas in your lawn.

Grass and soil need sunlight.

It takes more energy from the sun to warm wet soil than it does dry soil; when it comes to spring green-up, soil temperatures make a difference. The unseasonably cold air temperatures have kept the average 4-inch soil temperatures around 60 degrees. While this is warm enough to see some green-up, most grasses spring back faster in soil that is 68–75 degrees. These warmer temperatures are necessary to stimulate root growth and initiate new, green leaf growth.


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What you can do to speed up your green-up.

While there is no way to control air and soil temperatures, there are cultural methods homeowners can start now to speed up the green-up process. 


Mow at the right height: Take a close look at the dormant areas of your lawn, and check the height of the grass. If the grass is long and thick, it will take longer for the grass and soil underneath to dry out. Give it a good rake to create aeration, then when it’s dry, mow the grass at the right height for its type. This will allow air to circulate through the thatch. The mowing height for bermudagrass and zoysiagrass should be between one to two inches; anything higher will insulate and block sunlight from reaching the soil surface. Lowering your mowing height within this range is recommended.


Mow weekly: Once you have cut your lawn to the height correct for facilitating the green-up process, continue to mow the grass weekly to encourage new growth always removing the clippings to allow for air and sunlight to penetrate the soil.


Rake: Be sure to rake up grass clippings that cover the soil surface. If they are left behind, the soil will remain covered and unable to dry out. If the grass and soil remain wet, there is an opportunity for fungus to grow, which will cause more problems than just trying to get your grass green again. Raking up areas of dense thatch will allow the heat of the sun to warm the soil more quickly


Aerate: Take the process a step further with core aeration and growth-stimulating fertilization. Core aeration opens the soil surface, warming the soil from the inside out. This reduces compaction, increases drainage, and stimulates new, green growth. 


Have patience: Warmer temperatures are coming, so expect to see drastic improvement over the next three weeks. Remember, however, there is no “quick fix” for most lawn issues. Healing a living system takes time. The next two to three weeks will bring warmer day and nighttime temperatures which will encourage better growth and green-up. Be patient, follow recommendations, trust the process, and before you know it, your lawn will be green and growing strong.


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Here to help you when you need us.

Remember, Simply Green Lawn Care experts will carefully evaluate your lawn and determine the best program for your property based on the type of grass, types of weeds, time of year and the underlying issues within your lawn. 

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