When is Mosquito Season in Georgia?

Map of Mosquito Zones in US with Georgia Indicated for March - October


In Georgia, mosquito season usually lasts from March to October with the peak of season being the warm, summer months. 


The key indicator of mosquito season is temperature. Mosquitoes in the U.S. are active when the temperature sits between 50 to 90+ degrees Fahrenheit with their ideal temperature being about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 


It’s important to note that mosquitoes respond to temperature rather than season. For example: If Georgia were to have a warm week of 55 to 60 degree days in the middle of December, then mosquitoes would begin to emerge that week. 


This is why we often experience higher numbers of mosquitoes after experiencing mild winters because in warmer winters, mosquitoes have more opportunities to breed and lay eggs that will hatch in the spring.



Mosquito Season in Georgia Starts in March

Depending on the species of mosquito, eggs laid towards the end of the previous mosquito season will hatch or mosquitoes will emerge from hibernation when the temperature reaches a steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day. 


Georgia usually reaches a constant temperature of 50 degrees around early to mid March, but of course, this will vary depending on where you live in Georgia. 


People living in Southern or Coastal Georgia (e.g. Macon, Tifton, Douglas, Valdosta, Savannah, Columbus, etc.) will reach a constant 50 degrees earlier than those living in Northern Georgia (e.g. Rome, Calhoun, Dalton, Alpharetta, Auburn, Dacula, Marietta, Bethlehem, Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Athens, Braselton, Flowery Branch, Loganville, Grayson, Monroe, etc.). 


As the average daily temperature rises to 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will begin to flourish – leading to more breeding; more mosquitoes; and unfortunately, more bites! 


Mosquitoes prefer temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which in Georgia, usually occurs during the summer months (June – September). Sadly, these are the months when we like to spend evenings outdoors either on patios or by the pool!


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Mosquito Season in Georgia Ends in October

We begin to see a decrease in mosquito activity in mid to late October when Georgia reaches its true fall and the average daily temperatures drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


This is when mosquitoes begin to either die off or enter hibernation. This is not to say mosquito activity drops to near zero since Georgia is known to have occasional bouts of warm weeks throughout the fall.


It’s when Georgia hits the winter months (December – February) that mosquito activity seems to cease.



What You Can Do to Keep Mosquitoes Away

If you enjoy spending time outdoors on the patio or by the pool, or you have children that play in the yard, then you might be wondering how to keep mosquitoes away. There are things you can do before, during, and even after the mosquito season to prevent them from bothering you outdoors and indoors.



How to Prepare for Mosquito Season (January – February, November – December)

In months where it’s constantly below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, there are several actions you can take to reduce the presence of mosquitoes when their season arrives. 



Address Sources of Standing Water

According to the College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia, mosquitoes can lay eggs on surfaces near water and in areas that are likely to become wet. 


Since their eggs can survive extreme conditions like ice – yes they can be frozen and thawed – over long periods of time (up to 8 months), eggs laid in areas that collect water will hatch when temperatures reach desired levels. 


This means it’s critical that you scan your yard for anything that currently holds, can hold, or used to hold water as it could contain dormant mosquito eggs waiting to hatch. 


Here’s of list of actions you can take to address sources of standing water:

  • Add drainage holes to planters or trays that collect water.
  • Remove or reorient toys that collect water.
  • Fix leaky pipes or faucets that contribute to standing water.
  • Add proper yard drainage to reduce puddling.
  • Clean gutters so water doesn’t collect.



Add Measures to Guard Against Mosquitoes

The fall and winter months are good times to take on home projects that can help defend you against mosquitoes during the mosquito season. 


Replacing screens on windows and adding door sweeps are both projects that will make a big difference in protecting you from mosquitoes indoors during the winter months.


If you enjoy sitting on the patio, deck, or front porch; this would be a good time to install a screen, purchase screened canopy, or repair an existing screen. 


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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes during Mosquito Season (March – October)

When the temperature reaches a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit and mosquito activity picks up, the measures you can take to eliminate mosquitoes and keep them away are a little different than they are in the off-season. 



Address Sources of Standing Water

Though this is something you should also do in the mosquito off-season, you should definitely do it during the warmer months when mosquitoes are active. 


Here’s another of list of actions you can take to address sources of standing water:

  • Replace bird bath water weekly.
  • Replace water in vases and hanging planters weekly.
  • Replace outdoor pet and livestock water frequently.
  • Apply EPA-approved larvicide to standing water that cannot be removed.


Work with a Mosquito Control Service Provider

The best way to eliminate and prevent mosquitoes is to work with a professional. Teams specializing in mosquito control will create a plan specific to your yard that will ensure that your yard is 100% mosquito-free year-round. 


The right professional will even know which treatment compounds to use that will not harm you and your family, pets, and other insects. 



About Simply Green’s Mosquito Control Service

We offer different outdoor mosquito control treatments to help rid your yard of these pests and keep them from coming back. Our backyard mosquito control products are safe for use around pets and children, and they work quickly to get rid of mosquitoes.


To control adult mosquitoes, our product is a synthetic version of the Pyrethrum extract found in Chrysanthemum flowers. In areas of standing water in your yard, we use Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti). Bti is a naturally occurring bacterium found in soils that specifically targets and only affects mosquito larvae. Bti interrupts the mosquito lifecycle by eliminating larvae before they mature into adults. It does not affect other insects, including honeybees. All of our EPA registered products are safe for kids and pets and do not pose a risk to your family.


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, our outdoor mosquito control treatments are a great option. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you get rid of mosquitoes for good!


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