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Simply Green Lawn Care is here to help with all of your lawn care needs! Our Dacula lawn care services are comprehensive, including weed control, fertilization, outdoor pest control, lawn treatments, aeration, and much more. We know how much of a challenge it can be to keep your lawn green and lush, especially with soaring Georgia temperatures and common drought conditions. Instead of constantly worrying about your lawn, you can trust Simply Green Lawn Care with your yard maintenance!

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Core Aeration

This aeration service will ensure that all of the required oxygen, water, and nutrients reach your grass's roots. All of the soil at the grass's roots will be broken up during aeration. We propose that this be completed in the spring or fall months.

Soil Conditioning

We can condition your Dacula lawn's soil by adding granular fertilizer, per the desired application rate. Once spread throughout the Dacula soil, this granular fertilizer will feed your grass to keep it lush and green all year long! We go through a meticulous process to ensure that your soil is healthy. We begin by testing your soil and then go on to feeding and conditioning it for your grass to thrive in it.

Bed Pre-Emergent Treatments

Crabgrass is a persistent weed that can be difficult to get rid of from your grass. Bed pre-emergents are a must-have for preventing problems with crabgrass! Pre-emergent treatments like this one are an important component of every lawn's maintenance and preventative treatment.

Weed Treatment

If you are noticing dandelions and other weeds growing in your lawn, you need weed treatment! Dandelions are a common weed that spread quickly, and if left untreated, they can damage your grass's health and make it less attractive. By choosing our Dacula lawn care services, you will receive specialized weed treatments that Dacula homeowners trust.

Outdoor Pest Control

Many homeowners are concerned about insects, rodents, and other pests that can damage their homes. We have Dacula residents' backs by eradicating pests in the springtime before they even have a chance to become an issue! Our professional pest control services are trusted by Dacula area residents every day!

Environmentally Conscious & Organic Lawn Treatments

We are committed to ensuring that the lawn care products we utilize are completely environmentally friendly. We want you to be able to enjoy your grass safely after treatment without the worry of harmful pollutants or chemicals. Dacula residents trust Simply Green Lawn Care Dacula lawn care services because they work!


Lawn Cutting Services

We also provide grass cutting as one of the most popular lawn care services. Mowing the grass about once a week is necessary to allow air and light to reach the soil. We'll make it look better than any other lawn in the neighborhood! Furthermore, Dacula residents can expect perfectly cut grass that looks fantastic every time that it's cut by our expert team.

Affordable Lawn Care Services in Dacula

Your residential lawn care services from Simply Green can be tailored to your specific needs and budget! You can choose as many or as few lawn care services that you need, and we'll find a lawn maintenance package that works for you. With our customizable lawn care programs, it's simple to keep your lawn looking great without breaking the bank! Dacula lawn care services from Simply Green ensure Dacula Georgia's best lawn year-round!

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Here at Simply Green Dacula lawn care, we make it easy to request your free estimate for Dacula lawn care services! If you are interested in receiving a quote for lawn maintenance, weed control, fertilization, aeration, soil conditioning, or any other lawn service we offer, simply contact us today! Our friendly and knowledgeable team will set up a time to visit your property and create a lawn care package that is right for your home. Contact us in Dacula today!

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