Quality Lawn Care, Mosquito Control, and Lawn Pest Services in Avondale Estates


Simply Green aims to provide the highest quality lawn care, mosquito control, and lawn pest control services to residents in Avondale Estates. 


We are locally owned and operated which allows us to be accessible, attentive, and responsive for customers in the Avondale Estates area. 


Our well-trained team is easy to work with and determined to exceed expectations.


All our plant health care specialists are Georgia Department of Agriculture Certified and maintain their Category 24 applicators license.

Lawn Care Services in Avondale Estates

We provide lawn care services with the goal of helping our customers have green, thick, and healthy grass all season long.


Our familiarity with the different types of grass used in Avondale Estates lawns allows us to make well-informed decisions when managing the overall health of our customers’ yards.


The lawn care services we offer include but are not limited to:



Click here to request pricing, service details, and other information on our lawn care services.

Mosquito Control Services in Avondale Estates

With the warm and occasional rainy weather that Avondale Estates experiences from March through October, mosquitoes can get out of hand.


When working with the Simply Green mosquito control team, you can expect one of our technicians to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your yard.


They will identify mosquito habitats and breeding sites to target with mosquito control products that are safe to use around children and pets.


Our mosquito control treatments eliminate adult mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae so that our customers can enjoy a mosquito-free yard all year long.


Click here to request pricing, service details, and other information on our mosquito control services. 

Lawn Pest Control Services in Avondale Estates

There are a ton of little critters that can harm your lawn or cause discomfort to those who want to enjoy the yard – be it children, pets, or yourself!


Such pests often thrive underground and out of sight which allows them to go unnoticed until your grass begins to die or until someone gets bitten!


Our lawn pest control services exist to help you maintain a healthy lawn that’s free of dead patches and insects that love to bite.


Because our lawn care technicians know which pests are common in Avondale Estates they can implement successful treatment plans.


Our lawn pest control services include but are not limited to:


Click here to request pricing, service details, and other information on our lawn pest control services. 

We’re Committed to Improving the Avondale Estates Community


With a cute, tudor-style downtown; access to trails, parks, and Avondale Lake; the first EVER Waffle House; and a community farmers market; it’s easy to understand why Avondale Estates is such a loveable community!


We understand that lawn care, mosquito control, and lawn pest management play a direct role in upholding the value of Avondale Estates and maybe even improving it. 


Lawn care helps improve the curb appeal of homes which can increase the perceived value of individual properties and their respective neighborhoods. 


Lawn pest control works in the same way by preventing lawns from being consumed by dead patches or ant mounds from. 


Though mosquito control doesn’t improve the visual appeal of a community, it certainly improves the comfort and safety of a community by helping people avoid mosquito bites that aren’t just itchy but also present the risk of transmitting diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine encephalitis virus, and LaCrosse virus.


We understand that a lot goes into making Avondale Estates an enjoyable community for residents and visitors, but we pride ourselves in doing what we can to keep it beautiful and comfortable, one yard at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Simply Green serve my area?

Simply Green is locally owned and operated, serving customers throughout all of Avondale Estates and surrounding areas. 


Does Simply Green require a service contract?

Simply Green Lawn Care does not require or offer a service contract. We earn your service with each treatment and will continue to provide outstanding service until otherwise instructed.


How do I pay for your service? Do you have online bill pay?

We offer both auto-pay and prepay options. If you choose to prepay for services, you can take advantage of additional savings. Our customer friendly website allows you to manage services and make payments at any time.


How often will a Simply Green technician come out?

It depends on the service. For our fertilization and weed control service, a technician will come out every 4-8 weeks for a total of 8 treatments every calendar year. 


For mosquito control, a technician will come out every 30 days to implement the treatment plan they create specifically for your yard. 


Simply Green technicians will come out on an as-needed basis for other services including aeration, seeding, and lawn pest control. 

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