4 Tips for Home Mosquito Control

When summer comes around, you will be itching to find a solution for your home's mosquito invasion. Don't limit your time in your backyard to avoid mosquitos. With these four insider tips from the lawn care professionals at Simple Green, you can take your backyard back! Contact us today to get rid of mosquitos on your property and prevent future outbreaks with our mosquito control treatment!

mosquito hanging on leaf

Change the Water in Bird Baths Weekly

While bird baths are a great centerpiece to your backyard, they can serve as a massive breeding ground for mosquitoes. If the water in your birdbath remains stagnant, mosquito eggs will hatch and grow at rapid speeds. Keeping your birdbath water fresh reduces the infiltration of hatched mosquitoes.

Repair Leaky Hose/Faucets

Similar to the stagnant water found in birdbaths, leaking hose or faucets found near your home can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitos thrive in calm and wet places. Water builds puddles with a leaking hose and provides mosquitoes with a safe place to lay and hatch their eggs.

swarm of mosquitos
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Keep Clean Gutters

Gutters are an unexpected breeding ground for mosquitoes. Anywhere that retains moisture and is an unbothered place provides mosquitoes with an excellent breeding ground. Cleaning out your gutters in the spring and summer, remove the water and gunk from your gutters that could have been home to a thousand hatching mosquitoes.

Install Mosquito Repellent Plants in Your Landscape

A great natural way to grow your home garden and repel mosquitos is to produce natural repelling plants, such as basil, rosemary, bergamot, and marigolds. The scents in these plants are so intense to the mosquitos that they naturally deter them from creating a home on your property.

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When summertime comes around, hire a professional service to eliminate the mosquitos on your property. Book your mosquito control treatment or browse other residential services with Simply Green Lawncare today!