How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

One of the most irritating pests to have nesting on your property is mosquitos. Dealing with relentless bites and itchiness can be a nightmare. Mosquitos are a huge nuisance because of this but they also because of their role in spreading diseases and causing public health issues. Mosquitoes transmit viruses like West Nile Virus and can cause serious health problems for people. At Simply Green Lawn Care, our priority is to provide our customers with top-quality lawn care services and advice. Continue reading to learn more about how to keep your yard mosquito-free, and contact our team today for licensed assistance.

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Locate Breeding Sites

The first step when dealing with mosquitoes is understanding how these bugs are attracted to your property. Mosquitoes are looking for places that will provide them with a good source of water and food that they can use for laying eggs. The perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes are dark, damp places near water sources — this includes shrubbery, plants, and puddles. If you find signs of eggs on your property or in your yard, you should clean up the area by removing any debris and leaves so they can’t continue laying eggs there. Mosquitoes love moist clumps of gooey debris, so clearing out any possible muck from these regions and your gutters is essential to fighting these pests.

Additionally, if you own a pool, be sure to monitor that area in particular. Because mosquitos can lay their eggs in nearly all forms of standing water, swimming pools are a popular place for mosquitoes to breed. With some of the best mosquito control treatments in Atlanta, our team at Simply Lawn Care can help you with breeding sites large and small.

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Cut Grass

From our vantage point as humans, grass does not stand out as a shady place offering shelter from the sun. But from the perspective of tiny insects like mosquitoes, grass is a sanctuary. Mosquitos seek out areas that are brightly lit and have plenty of moisture. Grass and other green plants act as a welcoming landscape for these pests to live in, so routinely mowing your lawn is an effective practice for getting rid of mosquitoes. Rather than letting the grass on your property grow in an uninterrupted fashion, it is essential to actively treat your lawn so mosquitoes do not have the chance to hang out in a shaggy shelter from wind, heat, and other insects. Cutting the grass short will reduce the number of hiding spots for mosquitoes and make it more difficult for them to thrive in your yard.

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Close Any Openings

One of the worst feelings is having a peaceful night interrupted by the quick sting of a mosquito biting you and sucking your blood. To prevent these vampiric pests from turning a relaxing evening into a horror story, close up any openings or holes in your property to prevent them from entering.

Go around your home and search for any damaged screens and open doors. Due to the petite size of mosquitoes, they can sneak into your home through the tiniest of cracks. Identify openings in your screens and patch them up. This is especially effective as a proactive measure before the start of summer because the mosquitoes won’t be out yet. Pair this practice with a nightly inspection to ensure that all your doors are shut, and you can feel confident that your home is secure from mosquito intrusion.

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Layer Treatments

Eradicating mosquitoes at identified breeding sites is important because you will be targeting the larvae. This interrupts the insects’ life cycle and creates a long-lasting peaceful result. At Simply Green Lawn Care, our products contain Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) which is a naturally occurring bacterium found in soils and is particularly effective against mosquito larvae. Using products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our team offers customers a safe mosquito treatment for yards and families. We know that kids and pets love spending time outside, so we designed our mosquito treatment plan to accommodate backyard activities while combating mosquitoes.

To get the best protection against these pests, layer treatments for compounded control. In addition to our Bti treatment, we also offer a synthetic Pyrethrum extract that you can spray in your yard. Unlike Bti, this extract targets adult mosquitoes, not larvae. Combining a treatment that eradicates larvae with a spray that combats mature mosquitoes is a great strategy for controlling the mosquito

Make this a Mosquito-Free Summer infographic

Finding mosquitoes in your house can be a distressing discovery because just spotting one can be a sign of more in hiding. With the looming threat of disease, it is important to know how to get rid of mosquitoes. At Simply Green Lawn Care, our services are designed to give you peace of mind. By applying the advice we shared above with the care our expert team provides, you can sustain a mosquito-free summer in Atlanta. Contact our team today to learn about the best mosquito control methods and the other services we provide such as lawn aeration, plant healthcare, weed control, and fertilization. Your lawn is our passion, so let us help you.

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